Edge of the Empire

The Spice Job

On the Outer Rim world of Bendelum, the PCs meet each other and undertake a job for a mysterious benefactor. After meeting with a lackey Ferrin Lo’Felz, they undertake the job, hijacking a shipment of Rylothian ryll. Upon delivery of the goods, however, they were betrayed! Ferrin reveals that the spice’s owner was none other than the infamous Black Sun gang. In an attempt to eliminate all ties to the crime, the unkown crime boss orders Ferrin to put the crew in the ground. However, in a daring, if not particularly graceful, escape attempt, they manage to escape with both the credits they’re due, and the spice itself! After using the hard-earned creds to purchase a starship, the PCs make a beeline out of the system, barely stopping to get permission to exit the Imperial blockade around the planet (Which they readily received, to their own bewilderment.)



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