Edge of the Empire

Hard to Port

After the harrowing escape from the Bendelum system, the PCs make their way to a shadowport in the nearby Darlyn Boda system to catch their breath and let their trail cool off. There, they made some new friends in the forms of Sib Zackiem, a Duros who fixed them up with a clean transponder, and a mysterious stranger with a cybernetic arm with an Imperial tracking chip, which Sib also removed. Then they made some enemies of a slaver crew, trashed the local cantina, and met up with an old friend of Chayton’s, Brreek the bounty hunter. He enlisted the help of Chayton and the others in payment of a long-standing debt. Now they’re off to Eriadu, along with their mysterious new possible ally and Brreek to catch an Imperial defector named T’yrel Kiteev.



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